October 9, 2019

September 16, 2019

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Is It Time for a Health Takeover?

August 14, 2019

Do I mean that you should stop seeing your health care practitioners? Absolutely not! However, I do mean you should get much better informed about what goes on in your body so you can make the best possible health choices for yourself instead of simply relying on the say-so of practitioners in your health insurance plan. 



DOING THIS GIVES YOU A VOICE! It also gives you many more choices. If something seems off, pay attention to that little voice in your head or that nagging feeling. Hey – we live in America (mostly) and we can and need to take responsibility for our own healthcare for the most part. 


For example, is your trusted practitioner advising you about how healthy mindfulness practices are for your overall health? How about what supplements may be good for your individual health? Or perhaps we should know which foods we need to build our health.

Perhaps we are depressed over how life has been treating us, or maybe we are genetically prone to depression and other mood disorders. Does your practitioner know that there are alternatives such as amino acid therapy available to try instead of going directly to prescription drugs with their adverse side effects? Practitioners from the Riordan Clinic addresses this issue as well using natural approaches.


If your health care providers are not yet going in this direction, you, yourself can take action. Here is a quote from Health Freedom Ohio, and a way for you to get involved within your community or just for yourself:


“Our purpose, intention, and mission is to bring exceptional practitioners to light and make connections between those who seek an alternative to allopathic, pharmaceutical-based healthcare and those who are applying these modalities. We aim to actively advocate to preserve your fundamental human right of health freedom within the State of Ohio. Our goal is to unite our voices as consumers and providers to stand up against legislation that limits our freedom to choose, while pushing for greater transparency and greater access to these choices.”


So whether you want to get involved within a community or just want to make some changes to your own life and perhaps that of your loved ones, please visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC.


And remember – have a holistically healthy and happy day!


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