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Health Benefits of Yoga and Other Mindfulness Practices

July 4, 2019


For me, the word mindfulness conjures up images that I get when I hear the word, exercise. In other words, I think “oh, no!” The truth is, when I exercise in any way, shape or form, I feel good while I’m doing it and afterwards. It’s the same thing when I actually engage in mindfulness practices. So – I definitely need an attitude adjustment!


The course Take Good Care of Yourself covers some of the basics in learning how to do self-care. I think we all do this to a certain extent, but are you really doing it enough? For all of you helping people, you wonderful, loving people who would rather help others than themselves, this can turn into a nightmare for yourself if you don’t learn how to do a balancing act between taking care of yourself and others. Do you let others drain you? Do you put your perception of their needs in front of your own? If so, you can benefit from many of our course offerings here at Health and Wellness Online, LLC, whether you are a professional seeking continuing education credits or just someone who wants to be better informed.


Another course you might want to visit is called Trauma and Healing. In this course we explore how varied mindfulness practices can help you if you’ve been exposed in some way to trauma, grief, PTSD, etc. Who hasn’t been exposed to some form of trauma? We take a bit of a closer look in this course at Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), colloquially known as tapping, as one powerful tool in getting a mindful healing. 



Another course called Mindfulness – For Your Total Health, focuses more directly on how to be mindful, with tips given from some very notable entities who specialize in this. Yes, mindfulness is a very integral part of any healing program, where you are trying to coax your body, mind, heart, and soul into a higher place so you can be free from constant pain and stress. 


Did I say yoga? Of course, I did – it is one of the best researched, and most effective ways to achieve mindfulness and healing, also in the physical body. There is a great article by Woodyard which explores the many ways yoga helps one achieve not only mindfulness, but also a sense of inner peace and balance with many tangible physiological benefits, including when you are trying to heal from addictions, stress, anxiety, depression, etc. 



Naturally one of our favorite doctors chimes in on the subject of yoga (Dr. Joseph Mercola), so if you want to learn even more about yoga, visit What Happens to Your Body When You Do Yoga? As always it is a very interesting read with many great details such as yoga being low-impact and hence usually safe for what we might consider more vulnerable populations such as kids, seniors, and those who may not yet be too physically fit (think coming out of addictions and being out of shape).


For more information on how to learn about and create optimal lifestyle choices, visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC.


As always – please have a happy and holistically healthy day!


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