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Foods to Build Your Health


If you are reading my articles, then you know I “harp” on nutrition as a foundation for your health. Here I go again!!! After all, the research is exploding on this topic. In fact, there are studies that are showing very robust health outcomes – similar to what is achieved with certain medications – by using food alone. (No, I am not advocating for getting rid of medications!) However, if we build a foundation of health using healthy food choices, then some diseased conditions may not ever occur, and for some, this may be enough to get a healing or very significant improvement. 


Dr. William Li offers advice from the perspective of angiogenesis which means how blood vessels are formed and supply everything in the body. Blood vessels are also needed to supply tumors which as we know are bad for our health. Not to worry! There are foods that inhibit tumor growth. For more on this from Dr. Li, go here. Foods that keep blood supplies from things that make disease in our bodies are termed antiangiogenic foods. Some examples from Dr. Li are green tea, ginseng, strawberries, lemons, apples, pumpkin, lavender, dark chocolate. (Yes, I had to include this last one!) 


If you are concerned about diabetes, some excellent food choices to improve your health outcome are fatty fish (omega-3 fats) like salmon, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, the herb turmeric, etc. The connection between diet and type 2 diabetes has been known for a long time. For a very interesting peer-reviewed journal article by Sami, Ansari, Butt, and Hamid, entitled Effect of Diet on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Review, go here. In this review article which takes information from multiple studies, the authors discuss interesting topics such as the disease appearing mostly in areas where people ate a great deal of oil, flour and sugar. Perhaps due to this diabetes is sharply on the rise, especially here in America. It is also interesting to read that there is still widespread lack of knowledge about risk factors for diabetes and these authors call for a better effort within communities and providers of health care to make sure this knowledge is spread to more people.


If you pay attention to the various healthy diets which come out, like the keto diet, wheat belly, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, etc., you may feel confused. If this is the case, see my article on choosing which diet works best for you: go here.


Please note though that although these approaches may differ, they all have some common themes. Mostly they are recommending whole, fresh foods. They advise staying away from over-processed foods which are so available here in America. Of special importance is consuming fresh produce, especially veggies. Eating too many fruits – even healthy ones - may result in an over-abundance of sugar in your system, which tends to help create inflammation and disease. So eating fresh salads using a variety of raw vegetables is a wonderful choice. Pair these salads with delicious proteins, depending on your dietary preferences. Use products whenever possible that have not been treated with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, etc. Lightly steamed veggies are a wonderful and tasty addition to the food plate, coupled with fresh spices and healthy fats. You are only limited by your own imagination and there are wonderful free recipes all over the internet!


For more information on holistic lifestyle choices, please visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC. And remember to have a holistically healthy day!

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