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September 16, 2019

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Angiogenesis and Food for Your Health

You may be wondering what angiogenesis is. Very simply stated, it is the process of growing new blood vessels. These blood vessels bring nourishment to our bodies’ systems. So, they supply all that is healthy … but also all that is unhealthy, like tumors. If you want to see a very short video about how angiogenesis feeds tumors, go here.


Dr. William Li, MD, is a pioneering practitioner and researcher in this field. In his recent book, Eat to Beat Disease, he writes, “each of the five health defense systems in your body are intimately connected to your diet.” Research is being conducted globally, not just in North America, so this is a highly effective and promising approach to recapturing and maintaining optimal health. For a video by Dr. William Li on this topic, go here.


Think about people in recovery from addiction. Especially those who have been using substances for years have unfortunately done a great deal of damage to their bodies. This emerging, trending science will be especially helpful to such individuals. But you don’t have to be an addict, recovering or not, to benefit from this fascinating research. Anyone who is ill or wants more optimal health and/or maintenance will also benefit.


Dr. Li says, “the goal of an angiopreventive diet is to keep the body’s angiogenesis defense system in a healthy state of balance.” An ideal state is when “there are enough blood vessels to keep every cell in our body well nourished but without feeding disease.” While drugs are created to take out a disease or build something up, they are not about balancing. An antibiotic takes out germs which are harming us, but also takes out the healthy ones that make up our immune systems.


Certain foods tend to help influence what our bodies are already programmed to do – keep a balance going between feeding healthy cells and not unhealthy ones. A diet with an angiogenetic balance will maintain harmony within the body or homeostasis, something found in Chinese and Ayurvedic approaches to health, for example, but not so much in the Western arena.


Some foods that support a healthy angiogenetic balance are soy, tomatoes, broccoli, bok choy, cauliflower, kale, peaches, apricots, cherries, etc. If you want to learn more about this style of diet and cancer prevention, go here. Li, Li, Hutnik, and Chiou discuss this in an article and inform us that through 2050, cancer diagnoses are expected to double. You can learn how early dietary intervention as prevention can go a very long way to avoiding the suffering that affects not only the victims of the disease, but their friends and family as well.


Most of us want to be healthy but are uninformed or reticent to do something about it. As the human creation is multi-faceted, the answer to health and happiness will come from paying attention to multiple areas of life, such as the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. To get some of the leading research on 10 areas of human functioning, consider taking this course.


For more articles on various health and wellness related topics, please visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC. Please have a holistically healthy day!


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