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Paleo … Vegan … Keto … Which One Works Best?!

April 3, 2019

You are a health-conscious person. You want to do what’s best for yourself and maybe even be a great role model for your children. But there are so many choices out there these days – how can you know which one is right for you?!


I believe that many people, when searching to eat a certain way to become healthier and perhaps lose weight, seem to have an affinity to different types of dietary approaches. That helps to choose which approach to try…at least first. However, we are all different people with different needs and different gene combinations. So – what can you do to choose more wisely?!


First of all, if you are new to what constitutes healthy eating, try listening to these tips from Danny. This can introduce you to some general principles of moving away from a style of eating, like the SAD (standard American diet), which is harming and not building your health, to healthier approaches! It’s a great way to start learning.




Perhaps you are attracted to being vegan or vegetarian and not eating meat. Perhaps you have read some research which tells you how unhealthy meat consumption is. You might want to listen to Dr. Michael Gregor, if so.


Perhaps you are attracted to a low carb approach to eating, such as keto or paleo or wheat belly, which is trending now and showing evidence that demonstrates it has an anti-inflammatory, healing effect on your body. If so, you might want to listen to these tips by Rebecca from the Julian Bakery. In fact, Dr. Mercola has a Nutrition Plan: Level 1 for starting to explore this approach.


We are living in an age where we are learning so very much about our genes. Baylor Scott & White Health tell us a little bit about “eating for our genes.” Watch here. This approach may narrow down your choices so you can be eating more optimally for your genetic programming as well as your overall health. If you’re interested in learning about this in a more scientific way, Dr. Rhonda Patrick explains it in more scientific detail.


Whatever your affinity might be, it is a good idea to read some research and then … try out the diet style that you are drawn to in order to see how it fits you. If you like it, and you are feeling good, stay with it. If you find that after a while it does not seem to be working as well, try out another approach! Our bodies can also change over time so what once was good may not be the best fit later.


There is a saying, knowledge is power. I believe it. So, I always empower myself by reading reliable sources and different dietary and supplemental approaches. If you are a little new to healthy eating, you might want to consider this course, Healthy Nutrition. If you are interested in learning about a more comprehensive way to create health, inclusive of healthier nutrition, consider this course.


I wish all of you a holistically healthy day! For more information please visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC.


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