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This is Women’s History Month!

March 5, 2019

It’s that time of year again – in March we celebrate women and highlight many who have overcome near-impossible odds and have greatly added to the enrichment of life, not only of women, but also the entire population!


Here are a few interesting facts: women earn about $0.79 for every dollar that a man doing a similar job earns in 2019. Shocking! For women of color, such as African American women, they earn $0.62 and Hispanic women $0.54 for every dollar men earn for similar work. Even more shocking!


One pioneering woman being highlighted, whose contributions are relevant and vital even in today’s world, is Clara Barton (1821-1912) who founded the Red Cross in 1881, providing disaster relief now around the world. See the wiki article about her here. During the civil war, she nursed wounded soldiers back to health and also assisted in searching for the missing ones. She created the Bureau of Records of Missing Men of the Armies of the United States.




Women have been responsible for many health innovations such as blood transfusions and radiation therapy; if you have had a natural birth or lost weight by counting calories, well, you have women to thank for that, too!


Dr. Virginia Apgar (1909-1974) created the Apgar Score which evaluates the health of babies when they are born. Read more about her, too in this wiki article.


Then there’s the renowned Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910), who is credited to have been the first woman to earn an MD degree in New York. See her wiki article here. She co-founded the New York Infirmary for Women and Children in 1857 and published books on various topics, especially one as medicine as a profession for women.


A few contemporary African American women who are making their mark today in the arena of holistic health are Gianne Doherty, focusing on clean, green lifestyles, clean beauty advocacy, etc., Dr. Tiffany Lester, who makes care information more easily accessible as an online resource for medicine and food, and Koya Webb, who focuses on holistic healthy communities with nutrition and body confidence. There are more – many more!


Speaking of holistic health, how is your health doing?! Watch this short video by Dr. Jessica Wei, who explains how to complete the NutrEval kit, a test used to identify nutritional deficiencies using your DNA. This is one of several companies whose products will help you determine what you need to improve your health at a molecular level.


Read this article and watch the video from Dr. Joseph Mercola, interviewing Dr. Sylvia Wassertheil Smoller from the Women’s Health Initiative, discussing how conventional hormone therapy, instead of using a bioidentical approach plus diet, was increasing rates of women getting strokes, breast cancer, and dementia.  


If you want – or need – to know more, consider taking this course, Prevention: Holistic Strategies for Healthy Living & Avoiding Substance use. In this course, you will learn about 10 different areas which can strongly make or break your overall health. Remember, we can only function optimally as the sum of our parts, in a way. So, it is important to focus on all areas of health, not only going to the doctor for a drug or surgery when something is wrong.


Instead, be active and proactive – learn how to prevent disease and experience true balance and happiness. Have a holistically healthy and happy day!


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