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September 16, 2019

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HELP! I’m Addicted to Sweet Treats!

February 18, 2019


Well – you have a right to be concerned. Sugar particularly (right along with wheat which we often consume with it), causes opioids and dopamine (a neurotransmitter) to be released in our brain’s chemistry. So essentially, we just crave more and more to get that high feeling (from dopamine). If you consume sugar repeatedly, your brain produces less dopamine, and so to get to this pleasurable high feeling, you keep eating sugar more and more. Sugar can even be more addictive than cocaine!

To understand this a bit more, listen to this video by Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. 



You might be wondering what you can do to break your craving for sweets. Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Josh Axe, tells you how to do this in four steps. Watch his video here.


These four steps include 1) adding foods that balance blood sugar levels in each meal, inclusive of healthy proteins, fats, and fiber), 2) eliminating all sugar and grains (this is a hard one – you might do it gradually), 3) taking supplements which help balance blood sugar levels, such as chromium, and 4) getting exercise, such as doing weight training and yoga.


Think about this: when you consume sugary treats, you feel great … at first. Then you experience a drop in blood sugar, and you can feel irritable and cranky and even depressed. So, what is the next thing you start to think of doing? Eating more sugar!


Also think about the workplace and what is available to eat at your desk. Many offices offer sweet treats. Many employees bring in their treats to share with others. They are easy to consume while working (depending on what you do, of course). So how are you feeling at your place of work? What do you do after getting off work?


Health and Wellness Online, LLC offers many opportunities to learn further how to heal your feelings, thoughts, behavior, and physical body. Even your spirituality can be adversely affected. Take a look at the course offerings, the many blogs (offered free of charge, of course), and decide if you want to take a course and learn more about your health. 



If you are concerned about your workplace, consider Signs of Drug Use at Work. While this course focuses more on drug use, such as heroin, marijuana, etc., you can see how your sugar addiction might be producing some very similar symptoms.


If you want a little more information about how to live healthy using a holistic lifestyle, consider Living Healthy Holistically, which will give you some great information without information overload.

Or if you would like a more comprehensive approach to learning to live a holistically healthy lifestyle, covering 10 different areas, consider Prevention: Holistic Strategies for Healthy Living & Avoiding Substance Use.


Please have a holistically healthy day!


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