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Flu Shots and Other Vaccines – Safe or Not?

January 21, 2019

To vaccine or not – that is the question. There are excellent pros and cons coming from both sides of this controversy. For example, chemicals used to kill the live flu virus to prepare it for the vaccine, which then triggers the body’s immune response against it, and to preserve it, are indeed used in very small amounts. Some consider this therefore safe. Others … not so much.


In fact, some claim that the virus in the vaccines is not dead, but rather alive and well. This is apparently true of ones taken through nasal sprays, although they are weak viruses.


One variable is that when the flu vaccines are prepared in advance of when the flu usually strikes, medical personnel have to guess at which strains will become active. This is not an exact science, although it is a scientific approach. 



One common objection is how the government and Big Pharma make billions of dollars encouraging people to get vaccinated when their effectiveness, at least in the flu shot arena, are in question. Several medical doctors went on record to say that they do not get flu shots for themselves or their kids.

Many people, and yes, many of these are children, do get symptoms from the vaccines, such as runny nose, infections of the ear, bronchitis, and sometimes pneumonia. Studies have been conducted on thousands of children, ages 6-23 months, which showed no evidence of benefit.


Many vaccines contain mercury, one of the three most toxic substances known, and one can develop loss of memory, issues with respiration, heart disease, attention disorders, digestive disorders, oral health issues, etc.


One disorder occurring in conjunction with flu vaccines is nerve damage. Another concern is an increased risk of developing of Alzheimer’s.


See what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say in his article entitled, “The Big Bad Flu Data – What You Need to Know About Vaccine Effectiveness and Alternatives” (2018, March 13). You can reach it at this link: Dr. Mercola’s article on the flu.


As with all controversial issues, much more research is welcomed to flush out what happens to individuals and under what conditions adverse events occur. 


I, personally, do not take flu shots, although I had all my vaccines (required and/or suggested) when I was a child. By the way, I still got the chicken pox, in spite of the vaccination. Instead, I like to beef up my immune system through diet, supplementation, exercise, and mindfulness.


If you are interested in helping to strengthen your immune system in order to be more resistant to the flu and other types of viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc., take this course, Living Healthy Holistically: How to Make Life Choices Which Result in Health and Happiness.


For other scientifically based information on healthy, holistic lifestyles, please visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC.


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