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September 16, 2019

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Ways to Prevent Alcoholism

January 15, 2019

Sometimes we are aware of having a problem with alcohol, and sometimes we drink and tell ourselves stories that we have it all under control … when we do not. Well, there are some common-sense ways we can avoid falling into the trap of alcoholism, thanks to DrugAbuse.com.


These tips are 1) don’t keep it around the house or office; 2) don’t drink when you are feeling emotional, either happy feelings or troubling ones; 3) don’t binge drink, even if you have arranged for someone else to drive you home; 4) don’t hang out in places, like bars, where a great deal of drinking goes on; 5) don’t drink so much so you gain weight (i.e., get a beer belly – just a nickname); and finally, 6) don’t socialize with drinkers. It’s catchy.


There are a few other things you can do, as well. You can have a DNA SNP test done (they are no longer extremely expensive-see an alternative care practitioner) to see if you have an inherited genetic propensity for alcoholism. You can examine your family history, which might give you some possible insights into your DNA. (Yes, I had alcoholic parents, but never fell into the trap myself, although I am genetically wired for it.) 



You can examine your dietary patterns – is your diet full of starches, like grains and sugars, as mine was? Do you eat sweets, etc.? If so, you are feeding the addiction in your brain chemistry. Think about what recovering individuals mostly eat – starches, sugars, etc.! It’s a simple hop over to alcohol from here.


The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism published an excellent article (in the public domain) on preventing alcohol abuse and alcoholism. It’s a great read and highlights many programs being used in the field of prevention.


One major factor in preventing any type of addiction is equipping people with knowledge. You know the old saying: knowledge is power. Knowledge gives us the tools to really think about our actions, our choices, how we feel and think, and what we choose to do about it. The course, Prevention: Holistic Strategies for Healthy Living & Avoiding Substance Use, is comprehensive in terms of covering 10 different areas which can affect our choices.


So, think about this – would you rather know if you are heading for dangerous waters or live in unawareness? Well, sometimes the latter is alluring if we are in an avoidance pattern, but I, personally, would rather head off something that could cause me and my loved ones a great deal of pain down the road. What is your preference?!


For more information on holistically healthy lifestyles, please visit Health and Wellness Online, LLC.


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