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7 Tips for Healthier Holiday Eating

November 19, 2018

Can it be? Is it already the end-of-year holidays? With the first major holiday starting in less than two weeks, it may be prudent to get into a mindset to enjoy it and do in a way that minimizes damage. But is that really possible?! And of course I am talking about eating!

Think about the fact that we actually like many of the healthier foods we eat. Then there are the other foods replete with sugars, refined grains, additives, etc. that we want to eat (even knowing we will regret it).

If we work in an office with others, goodies usually pop up about this time of year – cookies, candies, cakes, pies, etc. They are so hard to resist for many of us (me, for example).

So here are 7 tips to contain the “damage” and still enjoy many of our favorites:



  1. Don’t eat everything you see at once. Eat healthier foods you like first and then just a bit of the rest.

  2. Before you keep indulging, take a break between mouthfuls so your brain has time to register your level of fullness.

  3. Please do not attend functions or expose yourself to all these delicious goodies when you are hungry. Eat a little something before going.

  4. Focus primarily on “the reason for the season” – getting together with loved ones. Eating is a natural accompaniment to getting together, but not the main reason.

  5. Practice mindfulness – focus on what you are doing each second of every moment. This little exercise slows you down and allows you to notice more.

  6. Keep your body moving! While holidays are a time hopefully for rest and relaxation, make sure you get some serious steps in each day.

  7. Finally, please love yourself enough to take good care of you without sacrificing a good time.

Have a lovely holiday season! For more information about living holistically healthy, visit https://www.healthandwellnessonline.org.


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