October 9, 2019

September 16, 2019

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DNA Sequencing – Why it is Important

DNA or gene sequencing means simply determining the order of the four chemical bases that make up the DNA. This is helpful because we can tell from this which stretches of DNA have genes and which carry regulatory instructions, why their switches turn on or off, and very importantly, which genes are potentially responsible for causing disease.


Since about 15 years, when the human genome was fully mapped, improvements have made sequencing genes much more cost effective. So, DNA tests have become more affordable.

How does this apply to our health? For example, in cancer patients, this sequencing data can help healthcare professionals determine a more efficient treatment protocol geared toward that individual and his/her genes.


What about holistic health? Despite our genetic makeup – whether it is good or not-so-good like mine (!), we now understand that our phenotype, or how our life’s experiences and our environment (like the food we choose to eat) have interacted with our genes – can be improved by raising the integrity of all our organ systems. So, the level of influence from our genes is a great deal more flexible than we ever thought before.


As Dr. Culp stated, “Genes do not cause most diseases. It is only when the environment influences the genetic sphere that health and disease are determined.”


This means that heart disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune issues, and other types of cancer, for example, can be vastly improved by adapting the environment to the individual genome.

When these genetic states are known, we can tailor lifestyle changes with improved diet, supplements, and learning more mindfulness techniques to improve our well-being and prevent adverse effects.

Is it worth it to you to change your lifestyle habits to get your health back or prevent it from going downstream? No – it is not easy making these changes – but if you do, you will be rewarded with improved, glowing health.

To Life!


For more information on healthy, holistic living, please see my website.




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