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Fresh or Processed for Sports Nutrition?

April 25, 2018

\Many people are interested in sports-related activities to build and maintain health. Or perhaps you’re just that into sports. Either way, it’s a beautiful thing!

You typically see all kinds of products that are related to sports and fitness, like protein powders, bars, supplements, etc. I have nothing against the higher quality products (I take some myself) although I may take exception to inferior products masquerading as high quality, taking lots of your money and giving so little in return.


However, it is wise to think about foods before supplements. I mean that we need to focus on eating high quality whole foods as our foundation, before all the fancy products. We do not need packaged, processed foods that make claims to be sugar free, fat free, fortified with vitamins, etc. These should perhaps be taken adjunctively to a superior diet of unadulterated, natural and organic foods.

After consulting with healthy, holistic healthcare practitioners, and perhaps even running some labs to detect what special supplemental needs you may have (I am thinking of your own DNA makeup as well as others), research your manufacturers while comparing prices before making purchases.


Of course, there are some excellent packaged products that could serve as an addition to a healthy diet, but be careful to read the contents, and these should be minimally processed.

For the very busy consumer (and that describes nearly all of us), focus on clean, colorful fruits and vegetables and proteins in the form of natural meats, fish, poultry, beans. If you eat grains, make sure they are of the highest quality. Ditto that for dairy, although about two-thirds of people, especially as we age, do not digest dairy well. Make sure you know your own status.


Above all else, enjoy healthy eating – we eat with our eyes as well as our palate! For more information on holistic healthy living, see my website. For more information on a healthy lifestyle, enroll my course, Living Healthy Holistically.   




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