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Earth Day – Give it a Boost

April 9, 2018

Earth day is April 22 this year (2018). We began celebrating in 1970, when millions protested the effects of the industrial revolution. Smog was a large issue, and it was suspected to be adversely affecting the development of children (developmental delays). Hence, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was born.


Around the world on this day people call for political action. They march, sign petitions, plant trees, and clean up generally where they live.

We sometimes hear about climate literacy, an emphasis on individuals to make positive behavioral change. We want to support a green economy, which will be reflected in technology and jobs and governmental policy reform.


We also hear about environmental literacy, which is educating the population worldwide on keeping our planet clean and healthy, from the individual level, to families, communities, cities, states, the federal government and the rest of the world.

Health and Wellness Online, LLC is all about keeping our feelings, thoughts, physical body, and our spirituality healthy. We can join in from there and share this with others to see it make a maximum impact in the world.


Education happens in schools – Kindergarten through 12th grade – and some activities that are done to raise awareness are to recycle art, think of ways to clean the ocean, collect cans, make a birdhouse, and learn how plastic damages our environment.


I have changed all cleaning supplies in my home – I now only have green products. I have changed how I eat and shop, opting for the most affordable, healthy choices.

I speak to family, friends, colleagues, and in the classroom. I make educational presentations and get to know the candidates for office and what their position is on these matters.

What activities can you think of? More importantly, what can you do to help keep our planet safe, clean, and enjoyable?


For more information on holistic, healthy living, please visit my website.




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