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Weight on Your Health

February 5, 2018


This is typically the time of year we begin to focus – yet again – on our weight. What does the number on the scale say? But, just how important is that number?


If you think this is a typo, then you might think I should have written, Wait on Your Health. Could this also be right? Why should anyone wait on their health?


The truth is that weight is just one of many health factors. If you have trouble either losing or maintaining or both, then you might have some other health issues which are contributing to this yo-yo effect. Think about this – is it more important to be slender with a great BMI or healthy in most ways?

These are not mutually exclusive, and both are desirable. Yet if given a choice between the two, I would – at my age – definitely choose to be healthy in most ways without being super skinny.


Here is an example. Many people, after ditching grains and most sugars, and while eating a low carb lifestyle diet, begin to lose weight anyway! Their inflammation goes down, and while that is happening, many ailments begin to get better. People’s blood pressure can drop, they can get off diabetic medication, and in general, the metabolic syndrome seems to melt away.


Well, I am making it sound super easy, and for some it is, but obviously for all people, it is not! Needless to say, one size does not fit all!

In fact, many people who have finished rehab for drug and/or alcohol recovery go for fast food. They can crave sugar, wheat, sweet treats of all kinds, and lots of grains. Think hamburgers, french fries, and the rest of this gambit.

Of course, you don’t need to be a recovering person to have such cravings. And going from the American junk food diet to a healthier one is certainly not easy.

However, it is certainly possible. Practice makes perfect. For more information, please go to my website!




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