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Delicious Thanksgiving – and Healthy, Too!

November 21, 2017

You might be asking yourself if it is possible to have a decadent, delicious Thanksgiving meal and have it healthy, too. Well … the answer is a resounding yes!


Use fresh (and organic when possible) veggies, including mashed potatoes and yams (okay, we’ll relax the carb count a little for the occasion). Use little to no table sugar, but perhaps a little honey and/or maple syrup would be okay. Remember – I said a little bit! Some safer sweeteners to use are stevia and monk fruit extract, although these, I find, are an acquired taste.


I am baking a pumpkin pie as we speak, and I am using almond flour and crushed pecans for the crust. I purchased a can of organic pumpkin puree to act as a base for the filling. I plan to take some organic heavy whipping cream to put on top before we indulge!


Now … for the turkey … or any meat you may be consuming (sorry to my vegetarian/vegan friends!): organic or all-natural meats can be a bit pricy, so I always purchase when they are on sale and into my freezer they go.


Since I do not eat wheat anymore, I do not make a stuffing based on it, but almond flour and cream cheese make up a good “bread” from which you can fashion dressing.

Are you getting the picture?! You are only limited by your imagination and your unwillingness to surf the net for wonderful, free recipes. Here is one example!


Avoid drinks with sugar, but indulge in a little wine, if you are so inclined. Remember – I said a little!

Above all else, count your blessings and bask in the knowledge that this is one holiday meal that will not be unhealthy. For more information on holistic healthy living, please visit my website!




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