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Living the Low-Carb Lifestyle

October 5, 2017

There are lots of catch-phrases about the low-carb lifestyle, like Keto, Paleo, Wheat Belly, and so on. So, what is making this style of eating so popular? In a nutshell, it’s two 4’s: research and results.


Low-carb eating, about 15 net carbs per meal (net carbs=total carbs minus total fiber), can help many of us lose weight, have less physical hunger (emotional hunger is another story!), have better insulin/sugar levels (think type 2 diabetes), help us think better, reduce heart related risk, and reduce the risk for some types of cancers…autoimmune in general.


I wouldn’t recommend taking in fewer carbs than 15 carbs per meal, though. If, at first you want to reduce to fewer net carbs, okay. However, for the long-term lifestyle change, stay with the 15 net carbs.

Reducing the carbs, reserving the ones you do eat for healthy carbs like salad, other veggies, and a little bit of fruit (berries are lowest in carb count), may also help your moods.


Grains and sugar reduction or better, elimination, have been documented to help even out moods and improve the quality of moods. Levels of aggression frequently go down, along with anger and more hostile behavior.


Other improvements noted are better sleeping and stomach problems, like leaky gut syndrome.

Low-carb eating can help you become much less depressed and feel better about yourself overall. While this does not eliminate the need for talk therapy at times, eating the low-carb style can help you overcome problems more easily. It is easier to make good choices when your thoughts and feelings are not so clouded.


Exercise should be part of the low-carb lifestyle. This, coupled with the other benefits, can help balance our hormones naturally.


So, what are you waiting for?! Try it – you might like it!  


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