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7 Ways Your Health Can Impact Your Career

June 5, 2017


Health affects us in so many ways – more than we think! Health affects our daily mood. It impacts our social functioning. It can mean the difference between staying alive or succumbing to disease. And yes, it can be a negative distraction or a vehicle for positivity…including prosperity.


Just as kids spend a lot of time at school, adults spend a lot of time at the workplace (while also taking care of family and often, going to school, themselves). Whether we are working at the traditional office from 8 am to 5 pm, or working from home, or any number of other employment scenarios, our health can be a make-it or break-it factor in quality of life and how long we live.


These days, even among the wealthiest of people in any country or culture, this does not always mean better health as it once did. Junk food has invaded every part of every society, and this means our health is at risk, even when we have excellent health care insurance and other great benefits. Although the average lifespan has increased, has quality of life also gotten better? How would you rate your quality of life? Here are 7 ways your health can impact your career.

  1. Having poor health can mean you have a hard time concentrating. It is important to be able to focus while on the job or your productivity and creativity can decline. You could lose your job!

  2. Having poor health can mean that you cannot put in enough hours to earn your keep. If you have poor health, and are calling off frequently, you could be either in danger of losing your job or having to take a cut in pay if you go on short-term disability or a medical leave of absence…sometimes with no pay!

  3. If your health is not very good, you might be more vulnerable to a workplace injury. There are over 3 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses each year, and more than 50% of these can mean missed work, a job transfer, or some kind of restriction which could impact your salary. This then affects your financial survival and creates more stress. It is a no-win situation.

  4. Your employer saves $6 for every $1 spent on wellness programs at work – are you participating? If your employer has a wellness program in place, take part in whatever is offered, as everything helps! Think about it – if your employer is willing to help you personally reduce absenteeism and increase productivity, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

  5. How is your mental health doing? There is a succinct connection between what we eat and our moods, and this can either help create a more enjoyable work environment or create unneeded stress, which breaks down our overall health. Make sure you stay up on the latest dietary research and eat healthy!

  6. Are you a smoker (cigarettes) or do you drink too much? Even if you don’t smoke or drink on the job, these practices make a large impact on your health, which then affects your mental as well as physical health.

  7. Are you getting enough R & R? Research shows that people who enjoy regular vacations have better overall health. Even if you cannot afford to go away, having a low stress stay-cation can do the trick!

Remember that balance is one of the key ingredients to creating and maintaining a happy, healthy, and safe… you!


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