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The Truth About Heroin Addiction

March 23, 2017


Every time you turn on the news you hear about another heroin overdose.


Naloxone to the rescue! This is what is being utilized to treat heroin overdoses, which are happening with alarming and increasing frequency. Heroin overdoses are becoming so common that first responders are running out of Naloxone. The State of Ohio leads in numbers of heroin overdoses…scary!


No amount of heroin is safe.


If you believe you need to use heroin to get through your day, then you have a major problem…you are addicted! If you think you can quit whenever you want, think again. As the body gets used to getting heroin, it will need more and more for the same effect. This is called tolerance and no – tolerance is NOT a good thing. The more drugs you take, the more risk you take with your life.


Many people get started with a prescription of opiates from their doctor.


Eventually they may go to the street version (opioids), which is easier to get and often less expensive. According to the CDC, one American dies every 19 minutes due to drug overdoses. Over 63% of these are due to heroin.

We pay for drug addiction, particularly heroin.  Street heroin use costs about $72 billion each year and this increases healthcare costs for everyone. We seem to be losing more and more people to heroin each year. In 2015 we lost 55,404 people to drug overdoses.

The first line of defense is to learn about heroin.

  • What is heroin, exactly?

  • How do we get addicted?

  • What are the statistics of use?

  • What are the risk factors?

  • What treatment approaches are available?


Learning about heroin can help us make more informed decisions about our own lives and those of our children. We can sometimes help influence others’ decisions, too.


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