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Holistic Strategies for Prevention & Treatment
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Acquire the knowledge to fight addiction without pharmaceuticals, heal “incurable” diseases, and live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

If you or a loved one is battling addiction or another disease, you may be all too familiar with the host of toxic and partially effective treatments available.


If navigating the waters of treatment wasn’t difficult enough, there is also a TON of misinformation out there! You may read one thing and then find something that’s completely contradictory somewhere else.


Pharmaceutical companies are making mega bucks on addiction alone, so of course, they want to steer you away from the latest research that allows you to heal yourself with low- to completely non-toxic treatments.


For over 40 years Dr. Donna Poppendieck (Dr. P) has been involved in the study of legitimate, evidence-based non-toxic pathways to full recovery and maintenance of optimal health.


Pulling from her 12 years of teaching experience in University classrooms, Dr. P has compiled research-backed material in easy to follow courses packed with information on how to treat addiction and recover from “incurable” diseases and conditions.




Holistic Strategies

3 CEU Credits ($150) Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board​

The human body is a complex creation. When something goes wrong, why just treat part of it? Holistic health and healing is a way of life … a journey … an improved existence. In this course, you will discover 10 ways to create and maintain optimal health, staying substance-free. 


 Holistic Treatment

 Part I ($100) 2 Credit Hours

We are living in a new and more creative environment when it comes to treating addictions as well as general health! More and more people are interested in low- to non-toxic ways to enable recovery and full healing from drug use as well as living a better quality of life and living longer.. 

Addiction - Heroin

($50) 1.5 Credit Hours, Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board


In this day and age of heroin overdosing, with Ohio being at the forefront, it is helpful to understand the environment in which this is happening. In this course, we look at a scholarly definition of heroin, and the difference between opiates and opioids. 

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